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Standard Clean or Deep Clean?

We want to leave you with a sparkling clean home you’ll be thrilled with, so when you book your first clean with Speck, there are two types of services.

Both packages are thorough, and cover your whole home.
So which one should I pick, I hear you ask. Use our easy guide below to decide which is right for you.

1. Is it a move-in / move-out clean?
If yes, then the Deep Clean option will be best for you. Same goes if you’re looking for an intensive “spring clean”.

2. Has my house been cleaned thoroughly – not just mopped or vacuumed, but every surface cleaned/scrubbed/dusted – in the past 6-8 weeks?
Answer honestly! No judgement from us. We know what it’s like to be busy and have no time to clean!
• If Yes, then our standard Get Clean service will typically be perfect for your needs, and will leave your home looking immaculate.
• If No, then we recommend choosing the Deep Clean option. This means we can do super-intensive and detailed work on surfaces. It means we can spend serious extra attention scrubbing, checking wall surfaces and spot cleaning, etc. In short, the Deep Clean is required whenever there are more stubborn areas to be cleaned. It’s more intensive top to bottom, and TRANSFORMS a living space to bring back the sparkle.

3. Do I have pets that shed hair?
If cleanng your carpets, skirtings and surfaces will include quite a lot of pet-fur removal, then it’s usually best to choose a Deep Clean because matted or accumulated pet hair often becomes a much bigger job than it looks.
(But this doesn’t apply if your pets don’t shed, or there’s very little residual pet hair because of regular cleaning.)

4. Do I have allergies?
From time to time clients choose the Deep Clean service simply because they want the maximum cleaning intensity to help with managing their allergies.

If you need the Deep Clean service, simply tick the Deep Clean box on the booking form. Or leave the box unticked for the standard Get Clean service.

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